High – Income Earners’ Package



High-Income Earners’ Package


Do you have a rough idea of your income taxes before December 31st? If not, you may want to consider this package. 


This package is ideal for business owners and professionals who already utilize a tax preparation service, but want the security of another impartial review before signing their return.


During the year, we work with our high-income earners for tax planning purposes. This lets us utilize current numbers instead of historical data, which often results in more accurate predictions and fewer surprises at tax time.


We accept a limited number of annual clients for this package, so interested clients should inquire early to secure a space and receive the full benefit of our planning and advising.


Benefits of this package include:


  • Tax planning one to one session during Q3 or Q4 (available in person or via phone)
  • Tax projections for current year completed before December 31 (based on the information provided to us)
  • Constant evaluation of estimated income taxes paid and federal income tax withheld throughout the year. We use various sources of income (W2, 1099, etc.) to determine any additional taxes that may be required, which can help you reduce paying interest or penalties for failing to make timely tax deposits.
  • Greater accuracy and a lower risk of unexpected payments due, since we work with current instead of historical information
  • Independent review of your individual tax return (prepared by a service provider) before you sign it
  • Unlimited text, phone, and email support throughout Q4 as the tax year closes


This package can also help financial planners guide their clients to maximize tax-deferred investment strategies including SEPs, IRAs, and other retirement accounts. Ongoing support is critical for these accounts to follow contribution limits while enacting a comprehensive investment plan.


Our fees would be well worth spend money considering the fact that you were able to implement tax deferred and saving strategies before December 31st.

Total estimated gross income for the year ($) One to One –  Session (Max hrs.)/Yr. Annual Fee  ($)
120,000 – 250,000 1 740
250,000 – 350,000 1.5 1020
350,000-500,000 2 1300
500,000-750,0000 3 1680
750,000-1,000.000 4 2060
1,0000,000 and above Call us

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